5 Ways You Can Reduce Global Warming Right Now

global warming

Global warming and potential concerns surrounding its effects has placed great attention to how people use and consumer various products.  There are a number of options to consider when reviewing energy conservation that are proven to help reduce effects of global warming and climate change.  Here are 5 things you can do right now to help the environment and reduce global warming.

  1. Buy products that use less energy.  More product makers such as vehicle and appliance producers are creating energy-efficient products. You can purchase a vehicle that uses less gas or has good gas mileage.  There are home appliances such as refrigerators, ovens and microwaves designed to use less energy. Other energy efficient products to consider: television, washer & dryer, and computer equipment.
  2. Change out your lightbulbs.  There are various options for lightbulbs that help reduce energy use throughout your home.  A common option is CFL bulbs (compact florescent light) that are easy to use and can replace regular bulbs.  Thanks to new technology used in developing CFL bulbs they can last longer saving you more money in the long run.  Studies have shown energy-saving lightbulbs of this nature can reduce heat production by roughly 70 percent.
  3. Find ways to reuse and recycle.  Items such as newspaper, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans can be collected at local recycle facilities for recycling.  People often come up with unique ways of reusing such items such as for craft projects, planting produce and flowers, or even for community use through school and workplace environments.  You can also consider reducing how much you invest in certain products that use excessive packaging that may hurt the environment.
  4. Get a home energy audit from your utility provider. This helps you easily learn which areas of your home consume the most energy. This is a good time to learn about energy saving programs and rebates that can help you conserve energy, especially during winter and summer months.
  5. Reduce amounts of heating/cooling and hot water usage. This may go along with utility usage, but consider actions you can take to help you reduce use of heat, air conditioning and hot water.  How is installation in your home for walls and windows? Do you turn down the heat when you leave the home for an extended time? Is your hot water tank protected with installation such as an insulating blanket if it is a few year old?

Why Are These Tips Important in Reducing Global Warming?

A number of elements from human activities conducted on a daily basis have a big effect on the earth’s atmosphere.  For instance, your thermostat settings can help save roughly 2,000 of carbon dioxide annually if you simply reduce it by a couple of degrees in the winter and increasing it by a couple of degrees during the summer.  Typical lightbulbs not energy efficient produce billions of pounds of greenhouse gas and most families replacing just one bulb can drastically reduce the numbers. People can take small steps to make a big different in improving their living environment.

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