2013 Walk For Our Grandchildren


The 2013 Walk For Our Grandchildren needs one thing above all else if it's to be successful:  YOU!

We need walkers young and old, and of all shapes and sizes. But before you pick up your water bottle and lace on your shoes, make sure that you're coming prepared. While we hope for mild weather each day, chances are that we will encounter both heat and rain at some point. Wind and sun take a toll on even the most fit, so be realistic about your personal limitations before setting out. And prepare (i.e., exercise and walk
) so that you'll be ready.

How To Participate

Walkers will come in two varieties:  multi-day walkers (thru-walkers) and day walkers. Read on to understand the difference.

We can help provide food, lodging, and logistical support for a finite number of walkers who can commit to walking the entire route or some portion of it. Please note that accommodations may be spartan--church basement floors, and the like. But we can arrange to carry thru-walkers' personal items and sleeping pads for them during the day. We will also arrange for transportation back to the beginning of the route when the Walk has concluded.

Interested? There's more to talk about, but start the conversation by emailing us at walkforgrandchildren+thruwalker@gmail.com and an organizer will be in touch. Please note that we ask that thru walkers contribute $150 to cover the direct costs of their participation for the entire week (food, reservations, fuel for support vehicles, and miscellaneous supplies). Walkers receiving support for only one or more days are asked to contribute $30/day. Scholarships may be available, so please ask!

Day walkers
Whether they join us for a few miles or the entire week, most of the Walk's participants will be day walkers who will arrange their own transportation to and from the walk and their own sleeping accommodations (if walking for more than one day).

We will provide plenty of water (but bring a bottle to put it in), bathrooms, maybe a snack if we have them, and lots of camaraderie. You will provide sweat and the will power to transform footsteps into forward momentum for the climate movement. It's not just your presence on the Walk that will matter, but the passion that you bring to it.

Sound like something you can do? Can you bring a friend, some family members, your church youth group, or your buddies from work? Take a look at the route page, decide which day(s) you can join us, and then let us know by emailing walkforgrandchildren+daywalker@gmail.com. It will help us plan if we can know how many people we can expect each day.

Trained medical personnel will be present each day to assist participants as needed (if you can help with that, click here).

We are investigating the possibility of a mobile kitchen to keep us all fed and happy.

And finally, if you're walking (or even if you're not), don't be shy about sharing your skills and talents. There are literally hundreds of discrete tasks that need doing before and during the Walk. Click here for a list of volunteer teams that you can begin helping with today and then be in touch. We look forward to working with you!


The 2013 Walk For Our Grandchildren is part  of Summer Heat, a larger series of actions around the country taking place in the latter half of July sponsored by 350.org. Chesapeake Climate Action Network is our partner Washington Summer Heat efforts. DC being DC, there is still much to coordinate before plans will be finalized for this, the culminating moment of our Walk. But briefly, here's what we do know:

  • Lafayette Park across the street from the White House will be our gathering point on July 27th.
  • We will use the occasion to creatively and nonviolently release the gathered energy of the Walk and the wisdom it represents.
  • One of the many things we'll do that day is to deliver letters to President Obama expressing our concerns. We'll also deliver letters to Marian Robinson, the nations "First Grandmama" (Sasha and Malia's grandmother who lives with them in the White House), asking her to have a word with her son-in-law! We especially would like to deliver letters from young people. Send any letters you collect to 2013 Walk For Our Grandchildren, c/o Richard Fireman, 374 Laughing River Road, Mars Hill, NC  28754.
  • Our goal is to build pressure on the President and the Congress to address our concerns. But pressure can be built in many ways and is not limited to raucous speech making and the chanting of slogans. Expect something positive and family friendly.
Check back often. As plans for Washington come together, we will update this portion of the website.

support the walk! Click here for the support and donations page. 
All contributions to the 2013 Walk For Our Grandchildren are tax-deductible in the United States.