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Small Is Beautiful
The idea for the WALK originated with a small group of insanely optimistic, highly committed and determined climate activists who live in Asheville, North Carolina – pictured below. There are millions of you like us living elsewhere, and we have connected with those in the Washington and Maryland area who are joining us as organizers of the WALK.  Although some of us are professional activists, most are ordinary citizens:  teachers, artists, health care professionals, public servants, faith leaders and business people. Many are parents, grand parents and some even great grand parents.

While the WALK originated as a statement from elders, many of the organizers are younger, and the WALK will be inter-generational. The wisdom to protect the future of our air, land, water and climate knows no age discrimination. We hope that with your participation and financial help we can engage the energies of a multitude of like-minded citizens across the United States and Canada.

We want to thank our organizational and individual supporters including:

Chesapeake Climate Action Network
iMatter – Kids vs Global Warming
Environmental Action
Climate Parents
Greater Washington Interfaith Power & Light
Interfaith Moral Action on Climate
Energy Action Coalition
Maria Gunoe, 2009 Goldman Prize recipient


2013 Walk for Our Grandchildren
374 Laughing River Rd.
Mars Hill, NC  28754

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