Grim Consequences of Climate Change We May Not Be Ready For


There are a number of elements to explore when considering climate change and consequences. For years scientists have learned about causes and effects, but there are recent reports claiming consequences of climate change could be more than what we can handle if we don’t take enough action.  Others even question whether humans can do anything more to avoid such actions even though change is possible.  Climate change is being experienced now, but such effects may magnify in intensity making it impossible for people to prepare. 

Experts Claim Catastrophic Warming is Possible

A 2014 report with contributions from over 700 scientists claim world leaders may be facing something more serious in few years in relation to global warming.  Experts feel world leaders are not doing enough to reduce emissions which could lead to catastrophic warming.  Meaning, scientists say this could disrupt all lifeforms on Earth including natural ecosystems and human beings.  It is believed the problem is more widespread than originally believed.

Experts contributing to the study say such impacts are already happening, but may increase in intensity soon.  For instance, certain parts of the world such as Africa and North America are experiencing high levels of loss due to widespread disease and property loss due to wildfires respectively.  South America is experiencing decrease in food production and quality. More grim consequences are likely as experts feel governments around the world are not prepared.

The report related to the study includes hundreds of pages of data collected from 2007.  Specific details related to climate change and its development is updated roughly every 5 years.   As the report is accessed other organizations provide detailed insight on what world leaders can do and what they should focus on.  This report in particular has a special section dedicated to helping world governments mitigate this issue.

Today’s Choices Will Define Risks Faced in the Future

A number of world leaders agree that choices made today will not only affect risks factors in the future, but actions of today could permanently change climate conditions for the remaining part of the century.  Experts believe actions related to climate change will cross a line that will lead to larger changes in the climate system.  For example, a prediction states if the Earth’s temperature rose by as little as 6 or 7 degrees changes in agriculture may become massive.   Even minor changes could have a big impact on weather conditions.  Storm surges, drought, sea levels, and heat events may turn into dangerous weather events.

Overall, experts feel world leaders need to invest more time into planning ahead.  If changes need to be implemented they should be done so now.  We may not see much improvement in the beginning but as time moves forward it may leave a positive impression to help ease fears. One element government officials should pay attention to includes agriculture development as it faces the greatest risk.  As studies continue to be done to track climate change the ultimate question remains: Can people be prepare for the worst if such predictions come true?

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