Is Global Warming and Climate Change the Same Thing?

global warming & Climate Change

Few may assume global warming and climate change is the same thing or same action, but they are different in definition while posing a threat to our living environment.  Both elements are complex in nature but experts continue to learn more about how they affect human life.  People may not think these elements are a big deal now, but they are threatening our Earth’s climate with potential significant consequences.  Here is a look at each of these elements and why scientists are paying closer attention to them now more than ever.

Definition of Global Warming and Contributing Elements

When you think about global warming it is just that: the temperature of the Earth is on the rise because of unique gases that congregate on the Earth’s surface. Many of these gases are considered greenhouse gases from human emissions.  The study of global warming has been conducted for years with some of the first discoveries dating back to the 1970s.  So, the average temperature of the Earth’s surface is monitored while they also play a role in development of climate system on Earth.

Aerosols, or very small particles in the air, affect how other gases come together to heat and cool the surface of the Earth.  As more evidence was gathered regarding gases in the atmosphere and their roles, it became clear greenhouse gases and elements such as carbon dioxide effect development of the Earth’s climate system. Thus, raising the concern of what is known as climate change.

Definition of Climate Change and Differences from Global Warming

Climate change is something that occurs over an extended period of time.  Some people believe parts of the Earth are experiencing it currently depending on where you live. For instance, weather conditions may be warmer or cooler in certain parts than expected.  Climate change may occur in a region of the world or have a significant effect on how the Earth’s climate system operates.

Some may remember a term something along the lines of “global change” during the 1980s.  This term may not be used as often as global warming or climate change, but it helped to create a special program adopted by NASA to conduct further research on changes affecting the Earth.

How Global Warming and Climate Change Contribute to the Same Problems

While each element affects how the Earth changes, there are things experienced on Earth such as air temperature, sea levels and precipitation patterns that effect how people live their lives daily.  Even though climate change explores climate conditions it is far more than just changes in air temperature.  The weather is a unique natural element we have no control over.  Even though there are things we can control on Earth such as usage of fossil fuels and reducing emissions being absorbed by the atmosphere, it is difficult to say for how long such actions will need to be done to reduce experiencing risks and consequences of global warming and climate change.

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