Your support is needed!

Please consider volunteering. The success of the Walk depends both on people wanting to walk and on volunteers supporting the walkers. There are hundreds of discrete and doable tasks to make the Walk a reality.Join us as we make this happen!

We are organizing ourselves into Teams.

For more information about each Team, please see a detailed description here. Then, find the area you are interested in helping with, and contact us (see below). Can you help?

  • Transportation: I will help with transportation and with locating or providing transportation for shuttles or other needs. I am sending details to
  • Food:  I will assist a team in providing or preparing food and/or providing water to walkers.  I am sending details on to
  • Medical & Safety: I will help arrange medical support and/or be trained as a marshal for the walkers. I am sending details to
  • Other: If there are other areas where I am interested in giving support I will send details of my interest to 

Financial Assistance

As you may imagine, there are significant financial costs to organizing the Walk. Food, transportation, printing, permit fees, and possibly some professional on the ground organizing salary are all expenses which will be incurred in bringing this Walk to life.

Your financial support is necessary for us to deliver our collective message to the President. We hope you can help.

Donate To Help Build A Powerful Climate Movement

DONATE BY CHECK: Make your check payable to Climate Ground Zero and send to:

Climate Ground Zero,
c/o Richard Fireman
374 Laughing River Rd.,
Mars Hill, NC  28754

Please write 2013 Walk for Our Grandchildren on the memo line.
Climate Ground Zero is a 501c(3) non-profit that is acting as our fiscal agent.

You can also donate with Paypal or by credit card below: 

CONTACT US: Questions? Please contact us at

All contributions to the 2013 Walk For Our Grandchildren are tax-deductible in the United States.

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